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You are a business person and our obligation is to help you achieve just success and continual growth, you will experience the best of the services we provide.

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We totally Aim to deliver high Quality services of tremendous value to you and with this, you are surely guaranteed that your objectives will be achieved with no much struggles on your side. We have got you covered.

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You are currently visualizing what you want and here we make the vision a reality, you will immediately get access to any of our services that you wish to undertake, and we will make sure to act accordingly and fulfill your request in the best way possible.

What we can offer

to increase financial security for your business

Custom Token Creation

Croft Company International can create for your individual, or for your business’ use customized ERC-20 tokens/coins, which will be on the Ethereum blockchain’s Mainnet.


You will then be able to trade & sell your own tokens/coins on the Ethereum blockchain.

This customized service will only cost you £129 GBP and includes the implementation of your token/coin to the Mainnet, which can then for example be seen on websites such as


UK Company formations

Croft Company International can through it’s many affiliates and partners form a company limited by shares, known as an ”LTD” company with an address in England.


The company must by law have at least one director. The formation service is for companies to be registered through UK Companies House for England & Wales.


This one-time setup fee including a registered business address for the company is only £99 GBP
The address service will continue at only £49 per annum after the first year.


US company formations are also available. Contact us for more info.

Mail Drops

Croft Company International continues the services of Riga Maildrops, and can offer you a physical street address as your mail drop service for your company, or for yourself.


Prices in Scandinavia, such as in Finland and Sweden begins at £300 GBP per annum.


A continued mail forwarding deposit will be needed.


For a United Kingdom, or United States mail drop service, prices begin at just £99 GBP per annum.

EU fiat bank account

Through our affiliate’s/partner’s  service we can provide you with a so-called ‘fiat’ bank account in the European Union, which comes complete with Full Access Internet Banking and a Debit card.

The bank account will have its own IBAN account number and BIC-code for easy SEPA-transactions.


The price for this service is just £229 GBP

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